Grid Inverter BFxxxx


  • Used the up to the minute CPU for Eupec, the efficiency of the systems will be high, with LCD display: input power, output power; input voltage, output voltage, input current, output current, frequency, temperature and so on;
  • Base on all numeral controller technology, have many kinds of intelligent controller function;
  • The system used advanced form technology, reduce city power current's aberrance;
  • Have perfect protect function, the highest dependability of the system;
  • Have MPPT function, how many power from wind or solar, the unit will get the power to the grid;
  • For transformer technique, make100% copper transformers materials
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: EN50081, part1 EN50082, part1;
  • Grid disturbance: EN61000-3-2;
  • Grid text : DIN VDE 126;
  • Protection degree: IP 20 or IP65(outdoor);
  • Self consumption at night: 0W.

Start way: As long as wind turbines or solar panels from the issue of an electric, it can automatically get the power to the grid, do not need to manually boot. Also directly with a load, working like off grid inverter.

Technical Specifications:

Model BF300 BF500 BF1000
DC Side Data
Max DC voltage 120V 300V 450V
MPPT voltage range 18 - 85V 45 - 105V 120 - 220V
Open current voltage range 40 - 95V 88 - 140V 190 - 400V
The string quantity (pcs) 1 or 2 pcs 2 or 3 pcs 4 or 5,6 pcs
AC Side Data
Rate output power 300W 500W 1000W
Grid voltage range 160V-280V or 110V-120V
Rate grid frequency range 50Hz (47-51.5Hz) or 60Hz (57-61.5Hz)
Max efficiency 94%
Euro efficiency 92.4%
Mechanical Data
Dimensions (W*H*D) 440*350*95mm
Weight 8 kg 12 kg 17 kg